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Lever Ayush collaborates with Department of Ayurveda as sponsor for AyurEx

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Lever Ayush, a flagship brand of Unilever Sri Lanka, partnered Department of Ayurveda’s AyurEx Colombo 2023 as the Title Sponsor for the International Conference focused on the promotion and advancement of traditional medicine, held on September 8-10, at the BMICH.

Furthermore, Lever Ayush partnered with Department of Ayurveda as the Main Sponsor for the Exhibition and Trade Fair held in parallel to the conference, showcasing the latest advancements, products and services of over 120 exhibitors.

The strategic partnership between Lever Ayush and AyurEx Colombo 2023 not only demonstrates the company’s dedication to uplifting traditional medicine whilst using traditional medical knowledge innovatively, into modern health and beautyconcepts.

Unilever Sri Lanka Marketing Director Beauty & Wellbeing and Personal Care Shamara Silva said: “At Unilever Sri Lanka, we hold Ayurvedic medicine in high regard and recognize its invaluable importance. We firmly believe that national events such as AyurEx have the potential to rejuvenate and nurture this rich tradition. It is with this vision in mind that we proudly partnered with AyurEx Colombo 2023 as the Main Sponsor.”

“Our role as the Main Sponsor signifies our dedication to the preservation and advancement of Sri Lanka’s profound legacy in Ayurveda. We see this as an opportunity to ignite a renewed interest in this ancient system of medicine, which has garnered global recognition for its holistic practices. Together, we take pride in contributing to the safeguarding of Ayurvedic wisdom for future generations through AyurEx 2023 while promoting its accessibility and relevance in today’s world through our brand.”

Commissioner – Department of Ayurveda stated; “AyurEx 2023 was a resounding success and we thank Lever Ayush for coming onboard as Main Sponsor. Ayurveda and indigenous medicine has a deep and rich history in Sri Lanka and AyurEx 2023 provided the ideal platform for stakeholders to come together under one roof.”

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