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Low-cost online voting system tested at Matara Rahula College

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A practical test that proved that the introduction of an online voter registration information system is an ideal option to reduce the costs incurred during an election was unveiled at Matara Rahula College recently. The test was conducted during the student parliamentary election held yesterday (21).

Nearly 3,000 students voted under the system. It took only three and a half hours to announce the results.Senior Prefect Nadija Kalhara Liyanarachchi designed the system on the advice of the Principal Samitha Kurukulasuriya, the teachers in charge of the web team of the college, Lalanika Rangodage, Nuwan Ratnayake and Sajith Chaturanga.

“This system was developed within four hours,” Nadeeja Kalhara said about his creation.”If this system is used for the elections in our country, it is a very good and beneficial method. This will save the time it takes to count the votes and declare results The use of human resources will be less and there will be no unnecessary expenses. Reducing the time, solving the existing paper shortage and reducing the amount of rejected votes are the other benefits.The turnout and its percentage can be calculated immediately and detailed reports can be obtained quickly.”

A delegation from the Matara Assistant Election Commissioner’s office and a group of officers from the Matara Headquarters Police were also present to supervise the election. Voting took place at four centres and around 150 Members of Student Parliament were elected.

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