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Makumbura Multimodel Transport Centre to be upgraded

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The centre has been built under the Greater Colombo Urban Transport Network Development Project provides a range of facilities to passengers such as waiting areas, restaurants, sanitary facilities, digital banking, ATMs, kiosks, and mini supermarkets and connects two modes of transport services (bus and train) which will extend to taxi services, park and ride facility, which are not available in other transport centres in the country.

The new filling station which is scheduled to be opened soon will provide not only fuel but also services related to vehicle repairing and maintenance.

In addition to the Makumbura Multimode Transport Centre, another new multimode transport centre is being constructed at Kadawatha linking Kandy and other main seven cities.

This concept is being implemented with the aim of dispersing traffic congestion in and around Colombo city while facilitating and encouraging motorists to move away from highly-populated urban areas. This project will offer optimum infrastructure solutions to improve the quality of the lives of travellers by reducing the wastage of valuable resources such as time, fuel, aggravation and cost of vehicle maintenance for a strong and sustainable solution to the public transport sector. Improved infrastructure will also reduce road congestion, travel time from place to place, vehicular damage due to substandard roads while popularising the public transport systems over private vehicles as well as promoting the integrated use of public transportation.

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