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Maliban Biscuits nine-year journey towards digital excellence

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John Keells IT, a trusted leader in digital transformation and SAP Solutions, has been an instrumental partner in Maliban Biscuits’ nine-year journey towards digital excellence.

This transformative collaboration commenced in 2016, when Maliban, a prominent confectionery manufacturer, recognized the imperative of embracing digital transformation to remain competitive in the rapidly evolving business landscape.

From 2016 to 2022, the partnership witnessed several strategic initiatives. The initiation marked the successful implementation of SAP on HANA, elevating operational efficiency. Subsequently, in 2020, a robust cloud-based disaster recovery site was established, ensuring data security and business continuity. By 2022, Maliban’s migration to the cloud ensured scalability and cost-efficiency. This period also witnessed the continuous optimization of critical business processes, contributing to sustained growth.

However, the turning point arrived in 2023 when Maliban faced a critical juncture in their digital transformation journey. To ensure the highest levels of security, compliance and vendor support, a crucial decision was made to upgrade their operating system, SAP and HANA databases to the latest supported versions.

John Keells IT spearheaded the upgrade of Maliban’s operating system to the latest SAP-supported version, guaranteeing a secure IT foundation. The SAP and HANA databases were meticulously updated, with minimal disruptions to daily operations, thereby offering the latest features, improved performance and enhanced security. As a result, Maliban’s ERP system now operates on the latest support pack, ensuring continuous vendor support and access to critical security patches.

Recognizing the value of this partnership, Maliban Biscuits Group Head of IT Shivantha Perera commented: “Maliban’s systems now boast enhanced security measures, ensuring data protection and compliance with industry standards. The upgraded SAP and HANA databases enable faster processing, improved analytics, and enhanced operational efficiency. Our reliance on vendor support from John Keells IT ensures quick issue resolution and access to the latest features, making Maliban Biscuits future-ready for sustained growth and the evolving dynamics of the market.”

John Keells IT’s Chief Operation Officer APAC Region Dilini De Alwis saod; “The partnership between Maliban Biscuits and John Keells IT exemplifies the potential of visionary collaboration in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. As we look forward to the journey ahead, we are inspired by the achievements of the past and remain committed to empowering businesses to excel in the digital age. Together, we reiterate our dedication to redefining success through transformative journeys, showcasing the boundless possibilities that await.”

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