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Man collapses and dies during protest in Bolgoda

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A person, who protested with the villagers against the dumping of excrement into the Bolgoda river from a hotel nearby, died suddenly yesterday (13) after being admitted to the hospital. The deceased is 52-year-old father of three who resides of Bolgoda area of ​​Bandaragama.

Villagers including the deceased person came to protest against a hotel that was dumping waste into the Bolgoda river. There, the Central Environment Authority also came to the hotel and while inspecting the surroundings, it was seen that the reserved part behind the hotel had been filled up without permission.

Then the villagers pointed out the place to the Central Environment Authority officials and informed them that they will stay at the place until the waste and black stones illegally dumped in the reserve were removed. It was revealed that pipes have been used under the concrete embankment used to board boats from the hotel to the Bolgoda River to direct the sewage into the river. The deceased person fell ill suddenly while inspecting that place and died after being admitted to the Bandaragama Hospital.

In the last few days, the area where this hotel is located has a strong stench emanating at night and it is difficult to stay even at home and the residents have complained to the Bandaragama Police several times in this regard. There the villagers protested against Central Environment Authority officers and the hotel authorities. Bandaragama Police officers had arrived there for security.

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