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Man killed over mosque administration in Sammanthurai

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A 65-year-old man in the Malayadi Village Division-4, Sammanthurai was killed in a clash over a mosque administration in Sammanthurai last Friday.

Sources said that the man was killed during an altercation that took place after the initial administrative body selection meeting of Masjithul Muneer mosque at Sennal Village-2, Sammanthurai.

Three suspects had been arrested following the death. During the initial meeting, several demanded to have the final meeting for selecting the office bearers after the Ramadan festival while some others demanded to have the meeting within a few days from the initial meeting.

Finally, they agreed to have the meeting on Sunday (9). Sammanthurai Police said that those who returned after the initial meeting, had divided and clashed with each other.

Sammanthurai Police are investigating.



Monday, April 10, 2023 – 01:00

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