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Man slashes employees’ throat, steals air pistol from shop

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Bambalapitiya Police said that an extensive investigation has been launched with the help of the intelligence sector to take into custody a suspect who stole an air pistol while slashing the throat of an employee of a shop which sold knives used during touring forests and other equipment as well as air pistols.

This theft had taken place on January 24. The thief who had arrived in a three-wheeler had handed over a broken air pistol which had been in his possession for repairs and slashed the throat of an employee and stolen an air pistol valued at about one hundred and fifty thousand rupees.

During investigations it has become apparent that this sales outlet belongs to a relative of a person involved in politics.

It has also been revealed that the thief had come to this shop last Saturday as well. On that day he had come to purchase three air cylinders used to fill an air pistol.

He had made the purchase and mentioned that he would be bringing his broken air pistol for repairs on Monday and left.

However, he had not come on Monday as promised but on Tuesday January 24 .

He had arrived in a three-wheeler carrying a travelling bag and while handing over the broken air pistol had prepared to buy a new one. After inspecting several weapons and selecting one, he had been taken to the shooting range on the second floor of the building to enable him to test it. On the way up, he had taken a knife out of the travelling bag and slashed the employee’s throat and fled, taking the new air pistol with him.

The employee who was injured was admitted to a private hospital and the police said his condition was not serious. Police have succeeded in obtaining an image of the individual who stole the weapon via security camera footage. They believe that they will be able to identify the suspect without delay.




Friday, January 27, 2023 – 01:00

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