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Match fixing: Sachitra granted bail, faces travel ban

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Colombo Chief Magistrate Prasanna Alwis yesterday (25) ordered the release of former cricketer Sachithra Senanayake, who was remanded in custody in connection with the incident in which two players who participated in the first phase of the Premier League held in 2020 had betrayed the match for money, on two surety bails of Rs. 5 million each.

In addition to this, the magistrate also ordered the suspect be banned from travelling abroad and instructed that the Immigration Department be informed about this.

Since no complaint had been submitted that the witnesses of the investigation were influenced, the magistrate decided that it is not appropriate to remand the suspect and granted bail.

When the case was recalled yesterday (25), Deputy Solicitor General Dileepa Peiris submitted a further report to the Court and stated that a statement was obtained from the suspect in the prison on September 19.

Dileepa Peiris: “I don’t remember; the suspect has given a statement to the Police that includes facts such as, must have said, may have said, must have been said, I said it due to narrow-mindedness, etc.”

“Lord….. We should be ashamed of the fact that our country has met with such a fate on September 17, when the Asian Cup match was held, it was a day of mourning for some, for others it was a day of anger.”

“When the suspect was remanded on the 6th, his lawyer promised before the court that he would hand over Muditha to the police and assist in the investigation.”

“We are not bound to investigate by asking the suspect, for example, we need to know under the investigation who gave the bottle of whiskey at Shangri La Hotel?

“I don’t remember, he may not remember, or I may have said something that was in my mind, I don’t remember, I may have said something that was in my head at that time, I don’t remember whether it was such a conversation or not. The suspect has given such statements to mislead the investigation.”

“Apart from this, the International Cricket Council has also conducted an investigation regarding this incident. There are audio tapes of connections with an Indian businessman named Sharbi in New Delhi and Dubai, the suspect had.”

In addition, the suspect has participated in the cricket tournament held by the bookies without the permission of the International Cricket Council. There is a Bangladeshi player in this tournament.

“Under the International Cricket Act in Dubai, seven cricket players and managers have been charged with match-fixing.”

President’s Counsel Kalinga Indatissa, who appeared for the suspect: “The charge of detention in the special prison cell is rejected. Ask the Prisons’ Commissioner about it.”

“Did you see what happened to the Asian Cup when the mastermind was inside? Others were given the opportunity to bat even after winning the toss. There will be complaints about this in the future, get ready for investigations.”

The Magistrate stated that facts regarding the suspect’s interference with witnesses have not been presented to the court. He said that there is no reason to reject bail.

Also, since the facts related to actively interfering with and influencing evidence by someone else are not disclosed, the suspect was ordered to be released on two personal bails of Rs. 5 million each.

In addition, an order was also issued prohibiting the suspect from travelling abroad.

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