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Kapila himself is a Marine Engineer, who has studied in the UK. Along the way he found that he wanted to express himself through the paint medium. Dinesh comes from an academic background, learning under Dharmasiri Kariyawasam at the Ceylon Society of Arts from 1990 – 1994. He had his first exhibition in 1995. It was a success. Dinesh, continued in the field of Art gathering experience and knowledge, even working as a graphic designer. He had another successful exhibition in 2023. He then met up with Rasika of the Tamarind group.

Apart from the young sculptor Lakshan, who has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, all the others are basically self- taught. Lakshan is a young man who is very creative. He is very innovative when it comes to sculpture. He can be called the next generation of Sri Lankan sculptors. Rasika was born in the picturesque southern sea side town of Ambalangoda. Rasika imbibed the colorful atmosphere and vibrant culture of this most creative milieu, well known for wood carved traditional dance masks intricately painted in ancient patterns and agile puppets in multi-hued costumes performing a miniature version of the dramas that the yaksha or devil masks were carved for. He has a strong love of nature. He is very concerned about how human beings are destroying nature.

Nihal, from childhood was interested in painting. For him art was a very gradual process, growing as an artist. He also discovered that he was very imaginative and he has always had this passion for art. He was mostly self- taught, but studied with Anoma Wijewardene for a brief period. He was determined and learnt through trial and error. He was encouraged through the sale of his paintings.

For all of them, this is an adventure and a process of self- discovery and realizing their full potential as a group.


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