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Minister appreciates workers who built temporary bridge at Bambalapitiya Railway Station in record time

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After pointing out the dangerous condition of the passenger flyover at the Bambalapitiya railway station, which is the most populated railway station in the vicinity of Colombo city, through the media, a temporary passenger flyover was built, based on instructions given by the President.

This temporary passenger flyover built was vested in the people until a new bridge is built to replace the dilapidated bridge. Its construction was done by the staff of the State Development and Design Corporation. It is of significance that this temporary access bridge has been constructed at a very minimal cost using metal and other parts that can be used in other projects carried out by that institution.

Transport, Highways and Mass Media Minister Dr. Bandula Gunawardhana joined the occasion in order to thank the dedicated staff for completing its construction within a short period of 10 days and enabling it to be opened for the use of the people.

The Minister who spoke on that occasion, had the following to say as well: “A function is not being held today. This occasion is to appreciate and thank all the staff of the State Development and Design Corporation who dedicated themselves to preparing a temporary access to replace the Bambalapitiya flyover which was in a dangerous condition in a short period of 10 days for the safety of the people and ease of travel.

“So far, more than 30 bridges, including the main bridges, have been identified as being in a very dilapidated state. A large amount of traffic as well as a large number of people use those bridges every day. It has been estimated that more than Rs. 2,000 million will have to be spent on restoring these 30 dangerous bridges.

“Due to the Covid pandemic and the subsequent economic crisis, it has not been possible to carry out any development activities. No matter how risky the situation is, it has not been possible to obtain financial provisions. The state budget is only sufficient to pay government employees’ salaries and pensions and to pay subsidies including the Samurdhi benefit. After making those payments, the Treasury will not have a cent left. Every development task carried out so far has been done by obtaining loans either domestically or abroad.

“However, until the country’s debt is restructured, it will not receive any foreign aid. No matter what kind of statements politicians or anyone else make, it cannot be done in practice.

After the media pointed out the extremely dangerous condition of this bridge, we took the responsibility of renovating it in any way as the Presidential Secretariat informed us about it.

Since it is not possible to spend money for this, the challenge was accepted by the State Development and Design Corporation. Even though it is an organization that is unable to even pay salaries, it should be highly appreciated that the organization is worked to complete this temporary bridge within a short period by using parts from work sites where construction is currently being carried out and that should be greatly appreciated.

“Bambalapitiya railway station, which is a very crowded place, is used by a large number of people on a daily basis. The chairman of the State Development and Design Corporation as a government institution, all the staff including engineers, have to be appreciated for the role played by them in constructing a temporary bridge in place of the dilapidated bridge that people were using, even at a time when the country is facing a very difficult situation. As the Minister in charge of the subject, I and the President express our gratitude, thanks and respect to everyone who was involved in this construction.”

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