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Minister gives greenlight for teams to resume training

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The idea behind this is to restart the country’s stagnated economy while building a sports economy.

Under the instructions of President Gotabaya Rajapaksa and as per the Health Ministry guidelines, the youth of the country are being vaccinated in an attempt to gradually resume sports activities, especially team-based sports.

“We as a Government are making all necessary arrangements to vaccinate the sportsmen and women of the country. Gradually, they can start their sporting disciplines as per health guidelines. The main idea is to give a kick start to the economy which is at a standstill due to the outcome of the pandemic,”” Minister Rajapaksa said. “We know how much spectators of this country love cricketers and the game. We can see in some countries when a team loses the spectators go berserk and set fire to their houses. But our spectators are not like that, as they respect the players and the game. At present, we can see some new young faces in the team. Due to the wrongly executed system they are suffering. No point in holding a postmortem to find who was behind this, and when it started sliding down and blaming the player. Nevertheless, we can now see the team is gelling as a unit gradually and showing signs of winning with a positive frame of mind. I kindly urge the spectators to join hands to rally around and support the players and team to give them the all-important moral support. We know it hurts when the team loses, but we are pretty confident within this system and within the next ten years we will be able to win many tournaments,” concluded Namal.

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