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Minor tremor in Buttala

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A minor earth tremor of 2.4 units on the Richter scale occurred in Buttala area yesterday (25) at around 11.20 pm. A spokeswoman of the Geological Survey and Mines Bureau said that it was the sixth earthquake this year in Buttala, Wellawaya area.

The spokeswoman of the Seismic Monitoring Center said that it can be assumed that these seismic conditions occur due to the location of the Buttala Wellawaya areas on the border between the Vijayan and upper grade rock zones. She also stated that such a thing is possible according to the data available to the public. She said that studies are being conducted to confirm it.

This tremor happened yesterday at a shallow depth and some of the people did not feel it. Seismological stations located in Hakmana, Buddhangala, Mahakanadarawa, Pallekelle have recorded six tremors in Buttala Wellawaya area during this year.

Residents of Monaragala district say that the tremor was felt in many areas including Badalkumburra, Nakkala and Buttala Hidikivula.

“It was around 11.20 p.m. Suddenly it felt like the windows were shaking. It felt like someone jumped on the roof. It lasted for about 2-3 seconds. I didn’t sleep after that. Nadika Abeysuriya, a resident of Buttala Waguruwela, said that she was scared because tremors had happened in this area several times before.

Monaragala District Disaster Management Unit Assistant Director Ravindra Kumara said that there is no information that any disaster has occurred due to this shock.

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