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Money kept to build houses for SLPP activists

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The Criminal Investigation Department yesterday informed the Fort Magistrate Thilina Gamage that former President Gotabaya Rajapaksa in his second statement had told that the money amounting to Rs.17 million found from the former President’s House belonging to a fund for the reconstruction of houses of SLPP activists.The CID said that the former President had stated that this fund was raised by businessmen to reconstruct the houses damaged by the Aragalaya activists.

The President had stated that he shifted to the President’s House following the incident that took place near his residence in Mirihana and a number of essential documents had displaced from the President’s House after Aragalaya activists entered it.

The former President had told the CID that the list of persons who contributed to this fund has also been misplaced as the President’s House was under the control of the Argalaya activists for days. He had told the investigators that he was not in a position to reveal the names of the persons who had contributed to the fund as the document has been misplaced.

The CID informed the court that they will inquire from the Attorney General as to whether the money pertinent to the statement of the former President is brought under the Money Laundering Act. Assistant Director of the Bribery Commission informed the court that they will record a statement from the former President on July 28 in this regard. The CID informed court that of six suspects who were ordered to appear before the CID, former IUSF Convenor Lahiru Weerasekera did not appear before the CID.

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