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Monk arrested for burning child’s hand in ritual

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A monk of a temple at Uduwila, Weerawila who lit camphor on the palm of a 13-year-old child that burnt his hand severely, in an attempt to get rid of, what he said was a demon in the child through white magic, had been taken into custody on Wednesday (17) by the police.

Police said that this monk aged 68 engages in white magic and casting spells.

Police said this child has no parents and is being cared for by the grandmother. On May 12, the grandmother had brought the child to the monk saying that the child was extremely naughty and to perform some white magic.

The monk had then told the grandmother the child has a problem with a devil and a certain spell has to be conducted. The monk had burnt camphor on a palm of the child, saying that it would drive away the devil.

“What had happened was that, apart from casting demons, the child’s hand had been severely burnt due to the camphor. The grandmother had been treating the wound using unknown methods and since the injury had worsened, police said that the child had been admitted to the Debarawewa hospital. Doctors who had examined the child’s hand had asked the child and the grandmother the reason for this wound and it was only then that the story had been revealed.

Doctors had informed the hospital police post immediately. Accordingly, the Weerawila police had launched an investigation.

The police stated that, this suspect, monk had been accused of abusing another child while trying to get rid of a devil. The monk was due to be produced before the Tissamaharama Magistrate’s Court.




Friday, May 19, 2023 – 01:00

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