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Moratuwa University arbitrarily changes enrolment process to its Engineering Faculty – MP Champika Ranawaka

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MP Patali Champika Ranawaka, making a special statement, told Parliament yesterday that the enrolment process to the Engineering Faculty of Moratuwa University, has been changed. Engineering Honours Degree is of a common core extending over the first year, comprising two semesters and a term.

It was from the second year that students are selected to specialize in Civil, Electrical or Electronic Engineering. However, the University has informed the students to choose their respective field as soon as the A-level results were issued this year. There are Engineering Faculties in Ruhuna and Peradeniya Universities, while new Faculties are also starting in other Universities. The question is why only Moratuwa University is changing its modus operandi as regards enrolment, that does not apply to Engineering Faculties in other Universities. Both knowledge and practicality are essential factors.

Only theoretical knowledge is given at A/L classes. However, Engineering is more practical. The 1st year at university is the transition period from theoretical knowledge to practice. The Faculty Council of the University of Moratuwa cannot change this system, which is the prerogative of the Engineering Council and the Engineering Institute. There is also a UGC. Making such a change after the A-level results are issued and without the permission of the relevant bodies, is completely against the principles of Engineering. Don’t do it without proper study. Graduates from Moratuwa University work all over the world. We obtained the Washington Convention for the Engineers of this country with difficulty. I beg you not to lose it.

Meanwhile, University Grants Commission Chairman Senior Professor Sampath Amaratunge told the Daily News that selection of students to specialised fields like civil, electrical and electronic engineering is now being done in accordance with the Z-score obtained by the students at the Advanced Level examination.

He said that the previous practice of selecting students for such specialised fields from second year onwards based on the results of the first year examination at the University has now been abandoned.

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