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MR’s contribution to defeat terrorism phenomenal – SLPP

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SLPP MP S. M. Chandrasena states that various parties are trying to undermine the heroism of Mahinda Rajapaksa who saved the country from the separatists by mudslinging and lying. He stated this while attending a press conference held yesterday (18)  at the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna Party Headquarters. MP Chandrasena further expressed the following opinion: “We should commemorate May 18 as an important and special day for our country. Many people have forgotten that today is the 14th Victory Day anniversary. We all know that the people of this country suffered due to terrorism for 30 years. Many people died in this country due to this terrorism. Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, the leader of the Podujana Peramuna, is the national leader who led the initiative to wipe out terrorism from this country. We are proud of him for being the leader of the Sri Lanka Podujana Peramuna. He is the leader who saved the country after the reign of the king. But now people have forgotten about it. Today this celebration is important for the whole country. Because of these terrorists, not only the leaders of our country but the most powerful leader of India, Rajiv Gandhi also had to sacrifice his life.

“It is impossible to say how much loss this terrorism had caused this country. A lot of property was destroyed and the terrorists tried to break the economy of this country as much as possible. Many soldiers gave life and some were disabled by war while thousands of people were also killed, maimed and displaced.

“We know the real situation because I worked together with Basil Rajapaksa, who was appointed as the Minister of Economic Affairs, to repair the roads that were destroyed during the war. We restored the electricity infrastructure that had been destroyed. We are very sorry that the people who do not know anything about this, who have never set foot in the North East and were hiding in Colombo, are criticizing us today. However, truth prevails. What was King Dutugemunu’s contribution to this country? I would like to state the way King Vijayabahu saved this country from the invaders is similar to what Mahinda Rajapaksa has done. He will go down in history no matter what anyone says.”

Responding a query about the insult to Buddhism and the Buddha by a preacher called Jerome, MP Chandrasena said that the said person’s cult is a group of people who have adopted a strange religion.

“Those people go everywhere in the world and attack the traditional religions. The Catholic Church has made a statement that this group was going against Catholic Council. Jerome has destroyed the devotion of the devotees of traditional religions everywhere in the world and his followers have lost their interest in their religion. What all these religious leaders have done is spread the dharma that promotes the well-being of the society.




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