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Murder: Maid, paramour arrested after four days

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Jewellery, cash worth over Rs.5 mn found:

Western Province Southern District Crime Division said that the maid and her paramour who ran away after suffocating the woman who owned a house in Lansiya Watta in Wellampitiya with a pillow with nearly five million rupees in gold and cash were arrested.

The police said that the 29-year-old suspect who was taken into custody was five months pregnant. Mohammad Jekir Fathima Nasir (60), who was murdered on January 15, had taken on rent the lower floor of a three-storied house in Lansiya Watta about six months ago and moved in with her two small grandsons and a maid who had been working for her some time ago had returned to work once again about two weeks ago. This had been revealed during police investigations.

The suspect who was taken into custody is the brother-in-law of the maid and according to the police they had had an illegitimate affair and the woman suspect had become pregnant. It was revealed during investigations that they had been living in Summitpura Mattakkuliya, and the female suspect had at first been against the proposition made by the male suspect to rent out a house on their own to live together but later agreed to do so. Since they needed money for this, based on a suggestion made by the male suspect, the maid’s paramour and brother-in-law, the police said they had planned to intimidate the woman for whom she was working for and obtain money from her. Accordingly, the maid had let her paramour into the house on January 15 at about 11 pm and got together with her and tied the mouth of the face covering the owner of the house was wearing while she was asleep. At that moment the woman had bitten the hand of the maid, according to the police.

The woman had screamed then and while the female suspect was holding the woman’s hands, the male suspect had taken a pillow that was nearby and pressed it to the victim’s face who had struggled to escape it and, in the process, scratched the back of the male suspect as well. The police said that during questioning both suspects had said that in a little while the woman victim had become silent and stopped struggling. According to the police, subsequently the two suspects had taken two gold chains, six bangles seven rings, some foreign coins and local currency worth Rs.200,000 and clothing belonging to the woman and her daughter and left the house at about 1am.

Police said that the couple after leaving the house at Summitpura had gone to a holiday resort in Moneragala and spent the day there. They also said that the woman had gone to a Beauty Salon and got her hair straightened, while there.

At the time of arrest, the police took into custody gold items and cash, except for one ring which had been robbed from the house owner at Wellampitiya. During further investigations by the police, it was revealed that the missing gold ring had been pawned at a shop in Akurana and money obtained.

It was also discovered that during those four days since the murder, the two suspects had been roaming around Matara, Kandy and Ambalangoda and had been staying at holiday resorts. The two suspects are due to be produced in court.

Saturday, January 21, 2023 – 01:19

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