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Mymech revolutionizes Lankan auto care industry with green vision initiative

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mymech, the first Sri Lankan digital platform that connects car owners and reliable mechanics, is taking a bold step towards environmental sustainability with their latest green vision initiative.

In collaboration with the Rotary Club of Sri Lanka, mymech is committed to planting trees with every download of their app, offsetting carbon emissions and contributing to the restoration of the environment.

Having the opportunity to be part of the ‘Spiralation’ an ICT Agency of Sri Lanka Initiative that focuses on tech start-ups, mymech is on a mission to build a reliable and trustworthy hub for car owners, providing them with access to the best automobile technicians for their car care needs.

Whether it’s an emergency car breakdown, routine maintenance, car inspection, or car spa services, mymech ensures that car owners can find the right professionals conveniently through their unified platform. Additionally, the mymech app is available on both iOS and Android devices, providing seamless accessibility for users.

As a responsible corporate citizen, mymech recognizes the impact of vehicles on carbon emissions and aims to play its part in reversing the carbon footprint in the automobile industry. With over 90% of vehicles in Sri Lanka emitting harmful smoke, there is an urgent need for initiatives that directly address this issue.

mymech’s innovative approach allows vehicle owners to make a positive impact on the environment by using their app and their services. Through the mymech app, subscribers can track the number of trees planted on their behalf and the amount of carbon reversal achieved. This transparency allows individuals to witness the tangible impact of their actions and encourages greater engagement in environmental conservation.

Mymech Founder Managing Director CEO of Mohamed Afzal, said; “We are proud to launch this initiative, which not only showcases our commitment to environmental sustainability but also empowers Sri Lankan vehicle owners to actively participate in the restoration of our planet. By planting trees for every app download and service milestone, we aim to transform the auto care industry and achieve a greener future for all.”

By partnering with the Rotary Club mymech has established a strong network of support to ensure the success of this initiative. mymech’s commitment to environmental sustainability extends beyond this tree planting initiative. They are actively exploring additional measures to reduce carbon emissions and promote eco-friendly practices within the automobile industry.

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