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National Youth Corps: Nation’s only College of Youth Personality and Soft Skills Development

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The Younger generation is akin to the lifeline of a country. It is not necessary to mention the disaster caused by the misled youth. A youth cannot be interpreted as an innocent citizen who has observed sill. The energetic and brave youth is a blessing for the country. It is the fortune of the country when the youth in it is blessed with subtle intelligence and innovative mindset. But a problem is left before us, whether the youth of the country is properly optimised for the development of the country and whether their contribution is gained for the journey of the country.

National Youth Corps: Nation’s only College of Youth Personality and Soft Skills DevelopmentThe National Youth Corps (NYC) being operated based on the tri-themes, discipline, leadership and personality development, is in progress excelling in a multitude of areas with its clear and specific approach surpassing all other youth training empowerments with a view to producing a young generation capable of challenging even challenges. Anyone in the course of building up his or her identity forms groups and subcultures. It has been the opinion of social anthropologists that the youth adopts a sense of lethargy towards the future.

Many activities are being implemented by the National Youth Corps (NYC) to change the lethargic and orthodox thinking which may be in the youth and promote their inborn skills and socialize them. Excitement, frustration, mental depression emanating from unemployment, not being polite and the desire to have a luxurious life are certain characteristics of the youth. Despite all these qualities, a youth about to be socialised is expected to possess a state of discipline. The specific target of the NYC is to instill this discipline. The NYC has included the tasks of improving the soft skills to their training agenda by paying attention not only to the National Anthem or the National Flag but also to their day to day chores with the objective of reflecting the identity of the future generation imbued with proper manners.

A staff of qualified consultants, not less than 800 in the NYC network, is constantly committed to providing a stable knowledge to the young trainees coming from every nook and corner of the country and putting them on a path which leads them to a meaningful future.

In line with a standard curriculum, the Hotel Training School in Dambulla, the Institute of Business Processing Outsourcing (IBPO) and the Adventure based Training Centre in Naula have been established in addition to 58 training centres expanding the scope for more theoritical, practical and creative training. The opportunity has been provided to follow all these courses free of charge and after the completion of the primary training, the trainees are entitled to a scholarship to follow a vocational training course of their choice. Moreover they also have the privilege to improve their language skills in the course of the training.

National Youth Corps: Nation’s only College of Youth Personality and Soft Skills DevelopmentEarning the certificates for Information Technology and English Language offered from the Sri Lanka International Buddhist Academy (SIBA) which has been accredited by the University Grant Commision (UGC) within the duration of their course is a specific privilege for the young trainees. Moreover, their language skills would also be improved during this time.

The vision of the current president, Mr. Gotabaya Rajapakse is that the youth is the future and the force of the country and it is the youth which possesses more capacity for changing the country. The NYC which had been under a number of ministries is now in operation under the Ministry of Youth and Sports with the leadership of Mr. Namal Rajapakse.

The entire staff is committed to crafting the youth with personality and discipline imbued with leadership skills under the patronage of the current Chairman Col. Darshana Rathnayake, inspiring the youth timely and energetically as it is expected to be more productive for the future than today.

The NYC, which is in the initiative of rebuilding this country from the ashes is bound to ensure the sustainability of their future journey by providing the knowledge required for socializing the young trainees through the year end best personality evaluation ceremony, national art ceremony, national sports meet, drug prevention programs, civil law, environmental preservation programmes, community development programmes, essay competitions, debates, quiz programmes, awareness programmes on epidemic and non epidemic diseases, social empowerment programmes and Orchid cultivation project as a programme for the development of entreprenures. Moreover, other programs including personality development programmes of the rehabilitated drug addicts in tandem with the governmental and non-governmental organisations, Training programs for the national programme; Multi Purpose Development Task Force and training programs for the head prefects would be implemented.

Not just setting targets, achieving them is also NYC’s goal. The NYC has also been empowered to overcome the challenges which may come on their way and also send back fires to those challenges. The NYC, creating new turning points, overcoming many kinds of obstacles, paving new paths, would in no time become the only “National Institute” dedicated to the development of youth personality training. Thereby, you are also invited to be a proud member in that endeavour.

The NYC would become the ancestral home of the entire youth being the soft skills development centre of the nation making their pledge for performing their duty by taking the responsibility of the children; the greatest resource of the nation unto their shoulders.

National Youth Corps: Nation’s only College of Youth Personality and Soft Skills Development

Shalini Maneesha Dodamgoda
Media Unit
National Youth Corps

Tuesday, September 14, 2021 – 17:40

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