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But at the moment, Coronavirus (Covid 19) is posing a huge threat for the lives of people. With its drastic spreading not only in Sri Lanka, but in every nook and corner of the world, a number of collapses has occurred in all parties. It is timely to mention that it’s the youth who has been affected the most. When the whole world is being dominated by the Coronavirus, the world is physically getting apart and the technology is getting closer to the people than ever before. People were compelled to use a common technology along with Corona though they have been living individually.

Many activities are being implemented by the National Youth Corps (NYC) to change the lethargic and orthodox thinking which may be in the youth and promote their inborn skills and socialize them. Excitement, frustration, mental depression emanating from unemployment, not being polite and the desire to have a luxurious life are certain characteristics of the youth. Despite all these qualities, a youth about to be socialised is expected to possess a state of discipline. The specific target of the NYC is to instill this discipline. The NYC has included the tasks of improving the soft skills to their training agenda by paying attention not only to the National Anthem or the National Flag but also to their day to day chores with the objective of reflecting the identity of the future generation imbued with proper manners.

The NYC being operated based on the tri-themes, discipline, leadership and personality development, is in progress excelling in a multitude of areas with its clear and specific approach surpassing all other youth training empowerments with a view to producing a young generation capable of challenging even challenges. The trainees at the NYC are trained during the training period itself to build up their self confidence in such a way which would enable them to rise from the ashes in the midst of all the obstacles and downfalls in life.

As stated by the social anthropologists, youths adopt a sense of lethargy in themselves towards their future. Anyone in the course of building up his or her identity forms groups and subcultures. Accordingly, the NYC is aptly performing its responsibility in uplifting the youth towards an optimistic future eliminating their lethargic attitudes.

Many parties who had been detached from the technology before the outbreak of Corona got later close to it in consequence of social adoptation. In the field of education too, a step had to be taken forward along with the Corona. That is by way of directing children and the young generation towards an online education. Even Though some students have the access for online education, not everyone is enjoying that privilege. The social and economic status of the students are also key factors in terms of the availability for the online education.

When the situation is moving on in such a scenario, it is significant to note the training process of the NYC even in the midst of an epidemic. Thereby, the Personality, Leadership and Soft Skills Development Course is being conducted without interruption by providing free SIM cards with the internet facilities to the trainees of the NYC.

When all the parties collapse due to Corona, the NYC is amply reflecting its responsibility by implementing national level programs across the country. All these programs have been aimed at producing a self steering social worker evading the vicious impacts of Corona. It can be perceived as if Sri Lanka has achieved a victorious standpoint before the global citizens are being battered by Corona. When all the people are restricted to their households, NYC has implemented a number of programmes in this way.

Providing solutions to the shortage of blood reserves at the Central Blood Bank due to Covid 19 pandemic, blood donation programmes were launched in islandwide NYC training centers in line with a concept of Hon. MP Namal Rajapakse. It was requested from the young community, blood donors, and physically fit citizens of the entire country to contribute to that. Accordingly, this programme is successfully being implemented following the health guidelines even during the period of travel restrictions.

Irrespective of the racial, religious and caste discrepancies, animals such as dogs, cats and rabbits are domesticated in every society and those animals can be seen in the streets as well.

As a result of Covid 19 pandemic, such animals have been prone to acute food scarcity and after the travel restrictions were imposed, their ordinary way of having their food was changed. Therefore, within the soft skills development of the youth, the NYC , who believes in kindness to animals, compassion and the social responsibility we have for every creature of the environment, has initiated a humanitarian programme called “Animal Friends’ Treat” satisfying the hunger of street animals in many areas.

Moreover, it was decided to organize a special home gardening competition called “Y-Green” initiating the agro entrepreneurship which aims at all the centres belonging to the NYC, young trainees, and former trainees.

The objective of the youth “Y-Green” mission is to introduce an active agricultural program which would be advantageous for the young individuals joined with the NYC due to the minimal scope for entering the new normalcy as a result of the ongoing Covid situation of the country, travel restrictions and quarantine regulations and the possible escalation of the cost of living.

Strength to a Sigh; the disaster relief youth mission, a social work of the NYC was initiated with the objective of providing concessions to the people who have been in precarious conditions due to the coronavirus epidemic. This program was launched With a view to providing maximum concessions to the people around the centres in their fullest capacity.

The staff of the NYC, young trainees and the past trainees contributed with enthusiasm to serve the society within their scope through the volunteer workers in them by commencing all these programs instead of restricting themselves to the household. Even though the obstacles arise, the NYC is always provoking their trainees to stand strong through their soft skills development training. The completion of all these tasks is expected to be the ground for giving birth to a future citizen who would be productive to the society and to themselves.

The NYC, as the only personality development training institute, has succeeded in many challenges throughout their journey so far. That is not being alone. It is owing to the unity of all the parties who walk on the same path under the farsighted leadership. We will invite you too. We will clearly explain to you the path we follow. Join NYC to be a citizen with intelligence and personality and succeed in the future world. When you are clueless without a goal, we will help you unlock your potentiality and guide you to reach your destination.

Shalini Maneesha Dodamgoda
Media Unit
National Youth Corps

Source DailyNews
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