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NDB donates ‘Optiflow Nasal Oxygen Delivering System’ to IDH hospital

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The Bank responded to the urgent need at IDH which arose with the current exponential rise in the number of Covid-19 cases. IDH is the nodal point where the covid-19 patients with complications are being treated. The blood oxygen levels of such patients tend to decrease as they get de-saturated, this leads to breathing difficulties. These patients require a high concentration of Oxygen which can be provided by the ‘Optiflow Nasal Oxygen Delivering System’. This system provides warmed, humidified Oxygen at high flow, and is also known to assist breathing and improve recovery. It helps manage the patient and minimise ICU admission.

With the exponential rise in covid-19 patients, the resources especially ICU resources are stretched and it is vital to manage the patients within the ward and minimise ICU admission. The ‘Optiflow Nasal Oxygen Delivering System’ provides only the required amount of Oxygen where the percentage can be regulated. The heated, humidified and blended oxygen provided to the patients helps to ease the breathing for covid-19 patients with serious respiratory issues.

While the most challenging health crisis of our lifetime is still underway, NDB has been at the forefront of many endeavours to build lives and help the society at large. From the very beginning of the pandemic in March 2020, NDB has been actively carrying out a large number of initiatives.

“NDB Cares” is the Bank’s structured and carefully thought-out response plan curated for three purposes under three broad themes of the Wellbeing of the NDB Family, the Wellbeing of the Community and NDB as a Socially Responsible Corporate.

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