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NDB NEOS revamped with exceptional features

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According to research, an estimated 28% have downloaded a mobile banking app since lockdown began, with just under half now using a mobile banking app more often during lockdown than they did before it began.

The most common reason for the increase is to avoid visiting or being unable to visit a branch during lockdown. NDB Bank, having thus identified the situation, revamped NDB NEOS to provide unique features to assist existing NDB clients as well as non-NDB clients during this period.

During a time where minimum contact with others is in the best interests of every individual, NDB Bank introduced NEOS Pay with NDB NEOS, a QR payment method in which customers can make payments to merchants, and pay bills, while having access to banking transactions via the same platform.

This positioned NDB NEOS as the first app in Sri Lanka to enable banking and merchant transactions in one single app. Adding further convenience, customers of other banks have also been given the ability to register for NDB NEOS using their other bank account details. This capability is facilitated via the JustPay network and enables other bank customers to carry out merchant and bill payments using QR codes.

Adding to the many firsts the Bank has achieved in the digital platform is the launch of the latest video KYC (vKYC) based account opening.

The Bank is also frequently at the forefront of technological changes and is involved in exploring, investing in and developing the digital banking arena, while on the fast track to becoming Sri Lanka’s best Digital Banking provider.

The NEOS Phygital Branches, Cash Recycle Machines and Bank2U propositions together with the NEOS App and Online Banking make the totality of the NDB digital offering.

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