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New Generation Awards 2021 on Aug. 28

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Dr. Sulochana Segera the founder of New Generation Awards said, “Today many complain and promote negative attitudes, which in return has caused actions of few youths leading them to a platform neglecting values.”

“On the other hand, the majority of youth who have values, positive attitudes and skills wrestle to discover a platform to brand themselves as Sri Lankan youth. The Private Sector contribution in Sri Lanka is of paramount importance as they are capable of providing immeasurably more opportunities to youth than the Government.”

Youth hold up almost a quarter of Sri Lanka’s population: 4.64 million or 23.2%. Harnessing the power of youth in Sri Lanka in a sustainable development process will provide an inconceivable outcome in the long run.

Chairman NYSC Damitha Wickaramasinghe said, “This is not a daunting task if the leadership is given by a committed, dedicated and adequately clued-in team of experienced professionals. Youth empowerment consists of interdependent dimensions such as psychological, economical, Organizational and social aspects.”

“An appropriate and prudent programme will provide the required motivation and awareness to the youth. As a result, NYSC collaborated with WIM NG Awards for the second consecutive year.”

WIM NG Chapter Spokesman said “Judging of the nominees are ongoing. This time Judges invited shortlisted nominees for physical and online interviews so that nominees are able to explain their stories, expectations, visions so judges were able to understand the attitudes of the nominees”.

Prof. (Dr.) Ravi Dissanayake said “Providing Sri Lankan youngsters with necessary information and resources in order to analyze issues that affect their lives, will assist them to become strong in decision making. They should be given the tools to engage by supporting them to brainstorm which leads to finding answers.”

“Encouragement should be provided to these young men and women by guiding them to use their passions and creativity, to bring attention to find purpose in life. During the interviews we met some incredible, talented and humble youth who have clear visions and are ready to contribute to the motherland.”

Varuni Amungama Fernando added “For a young person to succeed, it is vital to instill a method as well as a purpose. Without a plan in place, achieving a task is near impossible and there must be a purpose beyond that task, to make any achievement meaningful”.

Kasturi Chelleraja Wilson said “During judging we noticed that youth are more focused on society impact than individual success. This is a positive value which our generation ignored yet the new generation have given priority to the wellbeing of humanity and nature”.

Sri Lanka is a country teeming with youth literacy, with a staggering rate of 98.7%, which should be looked at by relevant authorities in the administration to devise techniques to utilize this valuable factor to enhance gross productivity.

Prof. (Dr.) Suranga Silva said “The Sri Lankan system of education does not provide guidance at the proper time to select their careers at this crucial phase. Therefore, these youngsters who are at peak mental and physical point in life are either unaware or realizing what is to be expected in their future. This type of platform will open opportunities for youth to explore in Private, Public, and society opportunities.”

This year’s panel of judges, chaired by Damitha Wickaramasinghe – Chairman National Youth Service Council together with a diversified team including Varuni Amunugama Fernando, Managing Director Triad Advertising and the national TV channel Derana,. Kasturi Chelleraja Wilson, Group CEO Hemas Holdings, Director Zahara Ansary, Country Manager CIMA Sri Lanka, Dr. Ravi Dissanayake, Senior Lecturer, Department of Marketing Management, the Faculty of Commerce and Management Studies of the University of Kelaniya, (Prof) Dr. Suranaga De Silva, Director of CERIPA and Act Director at CUCEC at University of Colombo and Yasas Hewage, Marketer, Innovator and Entrepreneur.

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