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Nine year old dies of strangulation in saree cradle

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The Nawalapitiya Police said that a student had died after being stuck in a saree cradle due to strangulation had died thus.

Police said the deceased Karuppaiah Selvam (9), a student resident at Weligodawatte, Nawalapitiya was a Grade Five student of Monte Cristo No. 1 school. During preliminary investigations, the Nawalapitiya police have discovered that the deceased boy’s mother had gone abroad to work as a domestic. The boy had been swinging in a cradle tied using a saree in the bedroom of the house, where his 3 year old younger sister used to be rocked to sleep when he had got entangled in the saree and died of strangulation.

According to the police, no one had been at home at the time the boy was using the cradle as a swing. A neighbour had seen the boy with this neck strangled by the saree, informed other neighbours and released and rescued the boy but by then the boy had been dead. The body of the deceased student has been referred to the Nawalapitiya District Hospital, Judicial Medical Officer so that a post-mortem could be carried out.

Nawalapitiya Police are carrying out further investigations into this incident.

Thursday, June 29, 2023 – 01:07

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