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NMRA data losses, a serious public safety issue – Sajith

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The Opposition Leader Sajith raising a question under Standing Order 27 (2) said the disappearance of data from the National Medicine Regulatory Authority’s computer system, which plays a key role in safeguarding

public health, ensuring the safety and quality of pharmaceutical products for sale in the country, has created a serious situation for critical health care.

Premadasa observed that the disappearance of nearly 1.1 million sensitive files belonging to the National Medicine Regulatory Authority was a serious issue.

Premadasa also questioned how the disappearance of all such sensitive data could be pinned on a mistake done by one computer operator attached to a private institution.

“The Deputy Solicitor General has said that the disappearance of the National Drug Regulatory Authority’s database was the result of a conspiracy. Accordingly, does the government accept that this is a deliberate act by the Sri Lankan drug mafia? Does the Minister in charge of the subject know anything about this? If not, how did such a disappearance of information from the Drug Regulatory Authority occur? In such a scenario, wouldn’t the data and systems of all other government agencies that have access to ICTA consulting services and Cloud facilities also be at risk? If not, what are the measures taken by the government so far?” Premadasa questioned.

“How has the data been erased? Will the report submitted by the CERT be tabled in Parliament in this regard? Meanwhile, isn’t the issuance of unilateral statements by a group of government back-benchers for the National Medicine Regulatory Authority an attempt to divert investigations?” Premadasa further questioned.

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