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No info regarding slain psychotherapist

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So far, no one has come forward to accept the body of Sujatha Munasinghe Manabharana, a psychotherapist who was murdered in a lodge in Thalangama. Therefore, the Thalangama Police say that her body has been kept at the Colombo Police Mortuary.

Police said that she was identified as Sujatha Munasinghe Manabharana from the details she had given to the lodge and from several newspaper articles found in the room where she was killed.

During the war, there were features and interviews published in the media about her. She claimed she was engaged in counselling, visiting Army camps and Police stations to boost the morale of war heroes.

Police stated that they could not find any other information about her residence and relatives. The body was found by the police on September 4. A five-page letter written by a man claiming to be her husband was also found in the room, stating that he was responsible for her death. When an address given by her to the hotel was checked, it was revealed a hotel located in Haputale. Police have tried to find her identity through a mobile phone that she used, but it was found that the SIM card of that phone was obtained in the name of another person. The police are currently working hard to the persons she had associated through the phone calls received and made from the phone. During the war, this woman, who was said to be engaged in counseling, went to military camps and police stations to boost the morale of the soldiers with the permission of the Defence Ministry. Police have sought information from the Defence Ministry but no information has been revealed that could confirm her identity.

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