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‘No jab, no job’, Fiji’s civil servants told

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The Government has argued that mandatory vaccinations are necessary to raise immunisation rates and end the outbreak.

After a period of forced leave starting Sunday, Fiji’s public servants who remain unvaccinated by November will be dismissed.In addition, employees at private firms could face fines and companies could be forced to stop operations over vaccine refusals.

Legal expert and former head of the Fiji Human Rights Commission Imrana Jalal said other countries had mandated compulsory vaccinations in various critical sectors, but not on the sweeping scale imposed in Fiji.

The Government has dismissed the lockdown option because of its high economic cost and rising poverty in the nation of 930,000.With more than 24,000 still-active cases and 358 deaths, its resources are stretched as military-style field hospitals handle the overflow of patients — especially after the virus swept through densely populated squatter settlements. – INDIA TODAY

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