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NPP has vision to rebuild country – AKD

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MP Dissanayake questioned if the public still wants to have faith on the political parties that have continuously broken their promises.

Dissanayake made these observations at a press briefing held at the NPP headquarters Pitakotte yesterday (01) morning.

“A large number of social crises are burdening the public. There are many social crises due to the breakdown of the rule of law and order and the loss of trust in the judiciary. This era has created a huge number of economic and social crises in our country. We ask the citizens of this country whether this should continue. Should we pass on the consequences of this devastation to our children?” Dissanayake questioned.

“As the NPP, we call on the people of this country to unite to witness this change. The NPP is ready to take over to build this country. We have a vision, a programme and commitment for this process. We are confident that we have the ability to rebuild the country that is sinking into the abyss. It can be built and the NPP needs to acquire power for that.” Dissanayake pointed out.

“The citizens of this country have built various regimes for decades. The end result is that the people become frustrated and the promises made to the people are completely shattered. People are disillusioned with politics. We call on you to unite around the National People’s Power to change this country,” Dissanayake also said.“This country must be turned into a prosperous nation. The National People’s Power is ready to take responsibility for that. We are ready to not only remain in an influence group but also to transform into a power sharing group. We are ready to implement a political program aimed at power. I invite the people of this country to unite around the National People’s Power,” Dissanayake also added.

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