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Ouattara lauds President’s effort to stabilize economy

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Ivory Coast PresidentAlassane Ouattara yesterday commended President Ranil Wickremesinghe for the swift and effective efforts to stabilize the Sri Lankan economy.

President Ouattara who is an economist and previously worked for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said that he was in charge of the Sri Lanka portfolio at the IMF, a few decades ago.

Ouattara made these sentiments when he met Sri Lankan Ambassador Kana Kananathan at the Presidential Palace in Abidjan yesterday marking a significant step towards enhancing the bilateral relations and fostering cooperation between Sri Lanka and the Ivory Coast.

The President expressed his commitment to strengthening the ties between the two countries. The President emphasized that this is a positive development in diplomatic relations between the two countries and a promising sign of strengthened ties. Ambassador Kananathan reiterated Sri Lanka’s eagerness to further engage with the Ivory Coast to realize the full potential of their relationship.

They also reviewed the current state of bilateral relations and expressed their commitment to expanding cooperation in various sectors such as; trade and agriculture. Both President Ouattara and Ambassador Kananathan acknowledged the potential for mutual benefit in these areas, recognizing the need to explore new avenues for collaboration and to create opportunities for their respective business communities. Key points discussed during the meeting included Bilateral Relations, Strengthening Economic and Trade Ties and African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) Trade Opportunities to support Sri Lankan Businessmen to start operations in the Ivory Coast.

President Ouattara highlighted the benefits of AGOA and encouraged Ambassador Kananathan to invite Sri Lankan businessmen in the textile and garment sectors to explore the advantages of AGOA. AGOA offers Sri Lankan entrepreneurs to set up operations in the Ivory Coast, an opportunity to export garments into the United States tariff-free, presenting significant potential for Sri Lankan businesses to expand their presence in the American market.

The Ivory Coast is the world’s top exporter of cocoa beans, raw cashew nuts, a net exporter of oil and with a significant manufacturing sector. The Ivory Coast is the largest economy in the West African Economic and Monetary Union.

Kananathan expressed gratitude to President Ouattara and his government for the support to Sri Lanka in international forums.

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