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Over 18,200 forces personnel opt to leave service upto now

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According to the Defence Ministry 18,202 members of the Armed Forces have offered to leave the service during the general amnesty period granted to members of the Armed Forces who have not reported for duty without leave.

The Defence Ministry said that there are 16,174 members of the Army, 1,061 members of the Navy and 967 members of the Air Force among this number.

Army Media Spokesman, Brigadier Ravi Herath said there are 32 officers among the Army personnel.

The army stated that more than 16,000 army personnel have come to the regimental centres to resign from the service during the amnesty period given to the members of the three-armed forces who are not reporting for duty without leave to resign legally from service. Brigadier Herath said that there are 32 officers and 15,891 other officers among this group.

The military spokesman said that a general amnesty period was announced from last November 15 to December 31 and as of yesterday (15) this group came forward to resign during a period of one month only. Out of this group, 21 officers and 15,619 other officers have completed the clearance process and left the military service, the army spokesperson said. Another officer and 151 other officers are being detained at the regimental centers until the clearance process is completed, the military spokesman said. Members of the Army who have left the military service and are abroad have been given the opportunity to leave the army in accordance with the law during this period of amnesty, and 10 officers and 91 other officers who have gone abroad have submitted the necessary documents to the regimental centers through their next of kin and have left the army, the Army spokesman added.

This amnesty period will be in effect until December 31, 2022.


Friday, December 16, 2022 – 01:00

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