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Over 80% of BOI zonal employees double vaccinated

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This drive coincides with the deployment of vaccinations across its manufacturing entities that fall outside of the zones, in addition to employees of the EPZs, and so far, over 70% of these employees have also received their second dose as well. Similar to the vaccine drive that took place recently for the first dose, this drive also received the unstinted cooperation of the COVID Task Force under the leadership of the President, Minister of Youth & Sports, Minister of Development Coordination and Monitoring and State Minister of Digital Technology and Enterprise Development Namal Rajapaksa, the Ministry of Health, and the Armed Forces.

Chairman BOI Sri Lanka Sanjaya Mohottala, said, “We remain committed to the safety of the people and the continued productivity of all manufacturing entities under our purview and are extremely pleased with the progress that has been made in deploying the 2nd vaccine dose for all employees, both within the EPZs and also, manufacturing locations outside of the EPZs.”

“With 80% of the zonal population double vaccinated, and aggressive plans underway to fully vaccinate 100% of employees within the coming weeks, we humbly request the support of all employees and business leaders to continue operations amidst these turbulent times by respecting and adhering to all safety precautions.”

The BOI provides nearly 500,000 direct employment opportunities across the country, stemming from both the 14 Export Processing Zones and other manufacturing facilities located outside the zones.

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