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Parate Execution Law suspension will be implemented – PM

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Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena assured in Parliament yesterday (7) that until the necessary amendments are submitted to Parliament, the Cabinet decision to suspend the parate law will be implemented immediately. He also emphasized that the arbitration committee in the banking sector should be made operational.

The Prime Minister expressed these views while replying to a question raised by the Opposition Leader in Parliament stating that commercial banks are working to auction people’s land and property under the existing parate law and the government should intervene to prevent it.

Prime Minister Dinesh Gunawardena said he completely agrees with the parate execution law. It has been revised several times in the last few years.

The first limit has been increased several times now. It means that Parliament has done these things without paying deep attention to the issue and it may have been connected. Therefore, the Cabinet of Ministers and the President very clearly decided as the Finance Minister to postpone this and in the meantime bring an amendment to the Parliament immediately.

“What we are saying is the agreement we have reached in Cabinet. Accordingly, a decision has been taken to temporarily suspend this for a few months. It will be implemented,” the Premier said.

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