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Parents allege negligence at Kalubowila over death of twins

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The Kohuwala Police said that a couple from Honnantara in Kesbewa have lodged a complaint alleging that their twin children died at the Kalubowila Teaching Hospital due to the fault of the hospital staff.

Akila Boniface, who had gone in for delivery on September 8, gave birth to a twin boy and a girl on September 9.On the advice of the doctors, the hospital staff has arranged for both the children to be admitted to the premature baby unit for treatment. Ten days later (19) the boy died and the doctors said that the child died due to breathing difficulties.

After that, when the mother went to the premature baby unit on September 23 to see the other child, the hospital staff informed her that the girl had also died.

Akila Boniface who spoke regarding this said, “Until today, milk was given from the same panel. Yesterday, when I looked at the ear, it was yellow. Faeces were all over the ear. The child was not cleaned. That day the midwife said that the faeces has germs.

Yesterday, the child was injected with a canula and I asked why, and they because he is white, we thought that the haemoglobin in the blood count was too high. But then they said that it was pointless. After they also said that germs go from the canula too.

Yesterday the child was hugging my chest for a long time and sleeping. If I knew, I wouldn’t have given her to them. Every time we go, they say that the baby is fine. Even after the previous baby is gone, they said that the boy had some issues, but unlike the boy, she is a good baby”.

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