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Parliament needs more women to ensure equal rights – MP Rohini Kaviratne

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Member of Parliament Rohini Kaviratne said that, in order to solve problems that have arisen because Parliament does not address women’s problems adequately, women’s representation in Parliament should be increased. 

She said this as the Chief Guest at the Students’ Parliament of Girls’ High School, Kandy.

“If you consider the universities, women’s representation has increased to 80%, while women’s representation in Parliament remains at only 6%. This is in a country where 52% are women and women voters make up 54%.”

MP Kaviratne said that, when considering the rest of the world, in countries where women’s representation is high, there is minimum fraud, corruption and waste, as in the New Zealand Parliament where women’s representation exceeds 50%, it is considered a role model for other countries in the world.

The MP stressed the time has come to increase women’s representation in Parliament that takes decisions regarding children and women, as well as the democratic rights of the people in this country, while preventing fraud and corruption.

Considering the culture, electoral system and attitudes of this country, women have very little scope to compete in an election and be elected to Parliament. Just as a 25% quota was given to women in Local Government bodies, a 30% quota should be given for the Provincial Councils and Parliament, MP Kaviratne concluded that until the ideology that women are suitable for politics is pervasive in society, this procedure should be implemented.

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