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PC driver engaged in abortions arrested from Pokunuwita

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A police constable driver working at the Police Field Force Headquarters, who was engaged in abortions by pretending to be

a doctor, was arrested yesterday (11) by a team of officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Task Force based in Walana, Panadura as he was preparing for an ‘abortion’ in a hotel room in Pokunuwita, Horana.

He was caught in a trap laid by the Central Anti-Corruption Squad following information received through a petition by Chief Inspector Indika Weerasinghe, of the Central Anti-Corruption Task Force.

Chief Inspector Mahendra Perera who investigated the information revealed that the said person is carrying out abortions for Rs. 30,000. Accordingly, steps were taken to obtain an order for the Central Anti-Corruption Force from Horana Magistrate’s Court under B No. 76014/2023 to conduct a raid.

Two officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Squad posing as lovers and the woman pretending as pregnant called the bogus doctor and the male police officer said that he wanted to perform an abortion as his girlfriend was pregnant. The conversation was recorded under the instructions given by OIC Indika Weerasinghe.

“When inquired by the male person, the bogus doctor had said that he gives two pills to swallow and inserts three pills into the woman to perform the abortion. He has also said that it is not something to be afraid of. They settled to conduct the abortion in a hotel room and, the date for the abortion was set for yesterday (11). Accordingly, the abortion doctor informed the police sergeant who spoke as the boyfriend to come to Pokunuvita junction at around 9 am yesterday (11).

When the Police Sergeant came to the junction with the Constable pretending as his fiancée at the appointed time, Chief Inspector Mahendra Perera and a group of officers were waiting to arrest the criminal.

The sergeant and the constable met the abortionist at the junction and the abortionist took them to a hotel in the Meemana area of Pokunuwita. Here the abortion doctor informed the lover not to enter the hotel and to stay outside for an hour and a half. The abortion doctor said that he would go to the hotel room as a couple with his girlfriend and stay there until the abortion was completed.

Complying with that, when the sergeant was standing on the road in front of the hotel, the abortion doctor took the WPC into the hotel and booked a room paying Rs.1,200. He then went to the hotel room with the hope of abusing the woman before she had an abortion. All his plans were shattered when a group of officers of the Central Anti-Corruption Bureau entered the hotel room. Rs.30,000 had been paid for the abortion at that time marked by the police was taken along with the suspect.

Wednesday, April 12, 2023 – 01:11

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