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People have faced two betrayals in recent history – MP Dr. Harini Amarasuriya

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“The people rallied for Good Governance in 2015 but they were betrayed to a point where they got fed-up of the very word. Then in 2019 they used the slogans ‘national security’ and ‘Sovereignty’ and betrayed the people yet again. The people who have been affected by these two betrayals are looking for solutions in various ways. Therefore, the people are well aware of the need to change the current course which has been followed over the past 73 years. In this situation, the same old forces are showing signs of organising to mislead the people once again under the guise of bringing in new changes.”

Addressing a media briefing of the JJB held at the Solis Hotel in Pitakotte yesterday, she called on the people not to be hoodwinked by these forces and to join the National People’s Force as an alternative solution to the crisis created by the changes that has taken place since 1977.

She said that together with the economic crisis in the country, a huge social uncertainty and insecurity has arisen. “Our families, communities, our workplaces and everything is insecure. Although the government is talking about national security, it is a time where people’s security is at its lowest point. Our children, and women experience this insecurity in their homes and on the road. Children, women and the elderly are being hit hardest by the COVID situation. This social decline cannot be understood in isolation from the economic decline. The economic crisis itself has created a social decline. It has been proven that the economic reforms introduced in 1977 proved that insecurity and degeneration which was brought about by a culture of individualism, consumerism,” the MP said.

However, she noted that this development model introduced by her party seeks to find solutions through dialogue on collectivism, human relationships, cultural values, and the educational process, rather than seeking answers individually. Hence, she proposed to build a society that cares for each other and is sensitive to each other through cooperation and human relationships that protect individual liberty and identity. Under this economic system there is no solution, she said, adding that the Jathika Jana Balawegaya is ready to give leadership to create the much needed changes in economic, cultural and political spheres. “Therefore, we invite you to join us for a real change, so that we do not fall prey to betrayal again where old stories are presented in new words,” she added.

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