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People should decide whether to go with current system or go back to before 2022 – Ashu Marasinghe

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“When Harini Amarasuriya says one thing, Lal Kantha says another thing. It is a question of what should be accepted by the people,” said MP Ashu Marasinghe, UNP’s Minuwangoda Electorate Organiser and President’s Senior Adviser on Parliamentary Affairs.

He said this while speaking at a press conference held at the Sirikotha party headquarters on Wednesday (14).

Ashu Marasinghe also said:

“The people should decide whether to go with the current economic system or change it and return to the status quo before 2022. Often regimes were changed for emotional reasons and matters. Gotabaya Rajapaksa came in banging his chest, in the name of national security. The economy went bankrupt and the country was destroyed because they said they wanted national security even if there was no food. We have to bear the current economic difficulties and move forward for some time. The people should understand that if we continue with this system for some time, we can have a better future. There is no leader who can do it better. That happened to Argentina. Fairy tales were told and power was obtained. The country collapsed. He came again and told a different story and obtained power and the country collapsed again. In this way, four times Argentina was dragged down by such fairy tales.

“Even if they come to power, they go to the International Monetary Fund. They obtain loans. Foreign investment is invited. The tax system is implemented. Dr. Harini Amarasuriya, MP of the National People’s Force, states that this cannot be done otherwise. But others in the JVP tell a different story. So, who is telling the truth, is it Harini or the others? Lalkantha says that if they come into power, they will suppress, bring in prostitution. They relate all sorts of stories. Tilvin Silva tells another story. Even though they say they will do a lot of things when they come to power, it can be seen that they are the usual JVP.

“This country is being taken forward with great difficulty. Finance Ministry officials are engaged in this role day and night. Today, arrangements are being made to provide lunch to children in every primary school. Steps have been taken to provide relief to 2.4 million families. Steps have been taken to provide 20 kilos of rice to families facing financial difficulties in the next month. “The Finance Ministry is working very hard for all these things. Also, money has been found for the Suraksha Insurance provided to children. Money has also been given for school uniforms. In this way, measures have been taken to reduce the burden of living of the people. In the next phase, we have the possibility of bringing back the VAT to 15 percent. There is a belief that we will be able to provide some relief by April and May. Then the middle class will be able to manage some of the difficulties they are facing now.

As of 2022, we were a country with an economic recession of negative Rs. 895 billion. Today, it has become possible to lead the country towards a surplus of 52 percent. The International Monetary Fund expected the primary account surplus to be at least minus 210. We have gone beyond that”.

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