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People will not tolerate postponement of elections – Sajith

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Opposition Leader Sajith Premadasa expressed his displeasure over the Government’s intention of postponing elections and said conducting elections at the correct time is a paramount duty of a democratically elected Government.

The Opposition Leader also said it was a pity that even the present Government has already postponed the Local Government election under false pretext.

He made these remarks at a media briefing held in Colombo on Sunday. Opposition Leader Premadasa further said although the Presidential Election should be held before the end of next year according to the Constitution, some information has so far been received that the Government has planned to postpone it.

He said people will not tolerate such happenings, as postponing of elections is a complete violation, of not only the Constitution but also the democratic rights of people. The Opposition Leader also reiterated that our history clearly indicates that all former presidents of our country were duly elected to the highest office with millions of votes of the people, but everybody knows that this present President was elected not with a people’s mandate but with the support of members in the Parliament.

“This is why, the Government should conduct elections and seek the mandate of the people to elect a president, considering it is the real democratic way,” he said.

The Opposition Leader also mentioned that postponing elections such as the already postponed Local Government election is not acceptable by people in a democratic country and such a situation will also drag the country down to a dark era once again.

Meanwhile the Opposition Leader said everybody is under the impression that the Government’s financial situation has dropped to zero due to the robbery our valuable financial resources by certain individuals.

The Opposition Leader also stressed that under an SJB Government without hesitation all culprits who robbed State resources will be brought to book and the recovery of monies and resources acquired by them, will be expedited.

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