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People’s Bank celebrates World Bank Day with a legacy of service and innovation

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People’s Bank celebrates International Day of Banks. The International Day of Banks is a global observance that recognizes the pivotal role of banks in our daily lives. Held annually, this day serves as a tribute to the institutions that form the backbone of our financial systems. It highlights the significance of banks in facilitating economic growth, fostering savings, and providing essential financial services to individuals and businesses worldwide.

With a vast customer base of over 14.7 million and consolidated assets exceeding Rs.3 Trillion, People’s Bank has been a pioneer in democratizing banking across Sri Lanka. Embracing progress, the bank extends cutting-edge digital services even to the remotest corners.

Over the years, the People’s Bank has played a pivotal role in the nation’s socio-economic development, earning the title of the nation’s pride. With 747 outlets nationwide, the bank caters comprehensively to individuals and SMEs. Their commitment is further exemplified by support to the government in financing developmental projects and international trade.

During the pandemic, People’s Bank, through its Mahajana Mehwara CSR program, financed vital medical equipment, valued at over Rs.20 million, for key government hospitals treating COVID-19 patients. The bank’s commitment to community service includes donations to Lady Ridgeway and Castle Hospitals, exceeding Rs10 million, and providing solar-powered electricity systems to underprivileged schools.

From introducing innovative products like agriculture loans, Pawning, SME loans, Women’s Savings Accounts, and Children’s Savings Accounts, to launching a comprehensive digital transformation project in 2015, People’s Bank has been at the forefront of banking evolution. Today, over 70% of transactions are processed digitally, ensuring ease, safety, and efficiency. Now People’s Bank focuses on innovative products and using state-of-the-art technology to make banking more convenient to all levels of society.

As a responsible state bank, People’s Bank has contributed significantly to the socio-economic progress of the country, providing financial assistance in exports, education, health, and infrastructure. The bank collaborates with over 900 banks globally, facilitating import-export trades crucial for sustaining normal lives.

People’s Bank’s excellence is acknowledged both locally and internationally, with awards like the SLIM Nielsen People’s Awards, National Business Excellence Awards, and accolades from Asia Money, SAFA, and The Asian Digital Finance Forum.

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