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Pilot project to introduce speed limit system launched

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A pilot project to mark speed limits on countryside roads was launched yesterday to minimize road accidents. The Uswetakeiyawa Road in the Gampaha District has been selected as the pilot project and steps will be taken to adapt this system for the entire road system of Sri Lanka in the future.

“More than 10 motor traffic accidents are reported daily, 45 percent of them fatal, with one death being reported every four hours. They were mainly caused by reckless driving,” said Transport State Minister Lasantha Alagiyawanna.

“We need to change the current culture and place more value on human life. The public and law authorities should collaborate and play a more responsible role to minimise the number of road accidents and learn to place more value on human life which is invaluable. Accordingly, we need to provide quick solutions for this,” he added.

The Minister made these comments while participating in a speed limit marking event held in the Uswetakeiyawa area of the Gampaha district yesterday.

Since 2012, Government agencies led by the Transport Ministry have taken steps to introduce a speed limit system based on the conditions of all roads. Accordingly, a National Committee has been formed under the leadership of the Road Development Authority, including relevant Government agencies of Local Government bodies, Provincial Road Development Authorities, Motor Transport Authority, Police, National Road Safety Council, etc. Necessary standards and guidelines to set speed limits on Sri Lankan roads will be provided through this.

According to those decisions, 25 Committees will be created at district level and they will be headed by the Road Development Authority or the District Secretary. The respective District Committees will take the relevant measures to mark the speed limit on the roads in their district.

Saturday, May 20, 2023 – 01:06

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