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Pinwatte shooting: Police still to arrest suspect who gave contract to kill businessman

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The main suspect who gave the contract to the shooters to kill businessman Anuradha Sampath Kudagoda in Pinwatte, Panadura has not been arrested so far.

Police arrested the shooters within a few days of the murder.

It has been revealed in the interrogation of the shooter that the killing was done on a contract of Rs. 3 million and Rs. 1 million was received as an advance. Police had even issued press statements in this regard.

Anuradha Sampath Kudagoda was shot and killed on February 28. It has now been a month since his murder. Although several police teams investigated the murder, the Kalutara Division Criminal Investigation Unit managed to arrest the shooter and the motorcyclist. On March 5, they were both arrested with the firearm used in the shooting.

During the questioning of these suspects, clear information had been revealed about the people who had given them the contract to kill Kudagoda. So far, more than three weeks have lapsed since the two suspects were arrested, but the police have not yet been able to arrest the persons who had given the contract.

Wednesday, March 29, 2023 – 01:16

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