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“Plastics products can be manufactured locally with available technologies”

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There are immense opportunities to manufacture plastics products locally with available technologies, said CEO and President of Smart Expos & Fairs India (Pvt) Ltd, B. Swaminathan.

“Through the manufacture of plastics products locally Sri Lanka can transition towards a more self-sufficient production, reducing dependency on imports and will help to create more employment as well.

Today the plastic industry producers need to address growing consumer demands and environmental pressures by investing in recycling facilities, adopting recyclable packaging materials, and educating the public on proper waste disposal. Additionally, promoting source segregation of plastics waste facilitates efficient recycling. These actions are aimed at meeting

consumer demands while aligning with environmental concerns raised by various groups. There are also regulatory frameworks to support local plastic manufacturing for export through extensive discussions involving producers, brand owners, NGOs, and other stakeholders. “These frameworks provide a common ground for all stakeholders, fostering responsible and sustainable growth in the local plastic manufacturing sector for exportpurposes.”

The global trend is shifting towards homogenous and recyclable packaging materials, and it’s essential for Sri Lanka to keep pace with these changes to remain competitive in the international market. The local plastic industry should also naturally align with global sustainability trends.

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