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Policymaking & Governance: Navigating Geopolitical and Economic Challenges workshop today

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A Workshop under the title: ‘Policymaking & Governance: Navigating Geopolitical and Economic Challenges’, organised by the National Council of Professionals will be held today.

The workshop will be highlighted with a keynote address by Canadian Academic and Public Intellectual, Dr. Irvin Studin; President of The Institute for 21st Century Questions, a leading Canadian think tank.

Dr. Studin is a much sought-after strategy consultant in Canada and has been an advocate for altering Canadian geopolitical and political strategy, criticising many facets on modern Canadian state discourse and strategy. He has participated in and contributed to various works of public policy development and was a member of the team that developed Canada’s first ever national security policy, in 2004. During the John Howard premiership, Dr. Studin was the principal author of Australia’s 2006 national counter-terrorism policy and also worked in local government in Ottawa, Canada and Canberra, Australia.

Dr. Studin has a master’s degree from the University of Oxford and earned a PhD from the University of York in constitutional law, he also founded a magazine called the Global Brief and co-founded the Institute for 21st Century Questions in 2014. He has also held positions at the University of Toronto as well as being a visiting professor at leading schools of public policy in North America, Europe and Asia including the Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy in Singapore.

The Canadian dynamic might be useful in informing Sri Lanka’s own position in terms of its immediate neighbourhood and strategic alliances. Understanding how to position itself within the unfolding geostrategic maze is critical to succeeding in this new era. Several opposition parties and policy making teams will also participate in the workshop.

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