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‘Politicians encouraging ethnic divide for personal gain’

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Mahanayake of Malwathu Chapter Most Ven. Thibbotuwawe Sri Siddhartha Sumangala Thera said that some politicians who think that the Tamils in the North and the Sinhalese in the South working together irrespective of ethnic and religious differences is an obstacle to their political journey are trying to breach the harmony between the ethnic communities.

The Ven. Thera also said that the time has come to reject such politicians.

The Mahanayake Thera made these remarks when a group from Global Tamil Forum led by its President Suren Surendhiran, paid a courtesy call on the Mahanayake Thera in Kandy yesterday.

The Mahanayake Thera said that while the Sinhalese, Tamil and Muslim people are living in peace and harmony in this country, some politicians and others are trying to create division among the communities and it is important for everyone to understand this.

He also said that some politicians in the North are inculcating wrong ideas to mislead the Tamil people for political gains.

GTF President Suren Surendhiran said that the Global Tamil Forum does not have any ambition to divide the country and the hope of the forum is to support the development of the country as well as the North.

He said that there are plans to bring large-scale investors from foreign countries to Sri Lanka and before that it is important to establish political stability in the country.

He also said that all the groups should start a national discourse together to find solutions to the still unresolved national issues.

A copy of the Himalaya Manifesto containing the proposals of the Global Tamil Forum to find solutions to the national and economic problems of the country was also presented to the Mahanayake Thera.

The Maha Sangha, led by Acting Mahanayake of the Amarapura Vajiravamsa Maha Nikaya, Ven. Professor Pallekande Ratanasara Thera, and Vishakha Dharmadasa, President of the War Displaced Women’s Organization, also participated in this event.

The delegation went to the Asgiri Maha Vihara and received the blessings of the Mahanayake of that Asgiriya Chapter Most Ven Warakagoda Sri Gnanarathana Thera.

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