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Power of Sensitivity and Creativity

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Channa Bandara Wijekoon

“When I enter a country, I can easily tell its type of culture. When the people are gentleand kind and simple hearted, that shows the teaching of poetry.”


A country having scholars with creative ability and most importantly, sensitivitywould make the countrymen happy. People of this caliber can inculcate warmth and sensibility within the masses with their creative work.

Rabindranath Thakur after visiting the Tajmahal wrote,

“A drop of tear

On the cheek of time…”

Masahide penned a Haiku poem as,

“Since my house burned down…

I now own a better view

Of the rising moon…”

Recently Sri Lankans could witness a rare occasion of two veteran creative scholars of the country coming together to bequeath wisdom and warmth to a decent audience.

Prof SunandaMahendra in his newest book titled, ‘Sensitivity and Creativity’ has done a commentary on two concepts of ‘creative communication’ with special reference to ten lyrics of Prof Sunil Ariyaratne. The book published by Sarasavi Publishers was launched at the Mahaweli Center, Colombo amidst a likeminded audience.

Sensitivity is the special attribute within an artiste which triggers creativity that create pleasant sensations in the minds of laypeople. Our own Prof Sunil Ariyaratne is an artistehaving this quality.

Sakura mal pipila…haripudumai…

Geidorakada…nil wanapiyase…

(Sakura flowersblossomed… in my doorstep…in the nearby shrubs…)

Wiyo gee…geyenahadae..

Adara mal nomiyae…


Ape hamuweemanowae…

(A heart that weeps with songs of separation…

Never ceases blossoming flowers of love…

Never in this Samsara…

Shall we meet again…)

An individual who is blessed with creativity alone cannot write lyrical lines like these. These type of renditions go beyond mere creativity and they have a ‘Divine’ touch. The divineness of humanity stays only within the true artistes. This attributewould have beenbestowed on few people in the world by the gods or immortals.

Does scholarly discipline hamper creativity? It is not so when the creator has the discipline to control his emotion and knowledge when indulging in creative work. Prof Sunanda Mahendra is a perfect example for this singularity. Acquired knowledge coupled with the enlightening gained by association with a veteran like Prof Ediriweera Sarachchandra may have inculcated such discipline within him to unleash creativity via diverse means. It is actually not the peer pressure but a soothing partakingof superior knowledge taking place between two veteran scholars.Scholarly writings, playwrights, novels, short stories done by Prof Mahendra over the decades in Sinhala and English are testament.

His outstanding contribution to his field of expertise, mass communication earned him a UNESCO Copernicus award for Social Sciences in 1983.Mahendra was formerly a professional broadcaster at SLBC as well as the BBC World Service based in London. While living in London,he had gained immense exposure by writing gigs for the BBC. On his arrival after the stint with the BBC, Prof Mahendrawrote the newspaper series ‘Second thoughts’ on Daily News, which was eventually published as a book by the same name.


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