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Primary schools re-open, Minister commends teachers, students

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The Education Ministry commended parents who sent their children to school as well as Principals and teachers who reported for duty on behalf of the children yesterday.

Education Minister Dinesh Gunawardena welcomed students at the Maharagama Buddhist College after an inspection visit he made to several schools yesterday (21) when schools with students below 200 were re-opened across the country.

Minister Gunawardena said schools throughout the country were reopened with the participation of large numbers of teachers and students adhering to health guidelines.

“Parents had brought their children to school with great enthusiasm,” Minister Gunawardena said.”We are making arrangements  to reopen all schools systematically on behalf of children. It is satisfactory that the task of providing education to hundreds and thousands of schoolchildren in this country, commenced with such success.The long period when classes could not be held at schools due to the COVID pandemic ended today.”

The Education Ministry expressed its gratitude to thousands of students who came to school with their parents from the North to the South and from the East to the West in every province to attend classes.

“We reiterate our thanks to Principals and teachers who reported to school to fulfill their responsibilities to help children achieve the expectations of free education and for the great contributions made on behalf of the future generation of the country,” the Minister said. “On behalf of the Education Ministry I thank the Health Ministry, Governors, Zonal Education Directors, MPs, government departments and parents on behalf of fulfilling their task and mentions that the Ministry is committed to carrying out education of children of our country, according to health regulations and moving forward while strengthening the future and improving it”.

He disclaimed false propaganda which some people are engaging in which will have adverse effects on the education of the country.

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