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Procurement process is corrupt – MP Harini Amarasuriya

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National People’s Force MP Harini Amarasuriya said in Parliament yesterday (30) that the procurement process implemented in the Ministry of Health is corrupt.

The MP said this while joining the debate on financial heads of the Ministry of Health.

The MP also said that the systems are formed in such a way as to aid corruption. It takes about 7 months for procurement. Reasons have been made for seven months to pass. Those reasons are the same reasons for corruption. We should pay attention to that.

The wrongdoers should be punished regardless of rank. Sri Lanka Medical Council is independent. In some cases, there is a problem with the independence of those institutions during the media campaigns regarding those institutions. The Minister should pay attention to it.

About 1,500 nurses are formally and informally abroad. There is a shortage of nurses in the country. In such a case, there is a problem with the nurses in the country being sent abroad.

The Triposha problem is still not resolved. Children under three years of age should not be given a triphosha. That programme should be restarted. We should also focus on the development work in the field of Ayurveda.

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