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‘Puraliya Waruna’ takes Oshadha Ratnaweera to Int’l stage

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Oshadha Ratnaweera, receives the award from ACEF Global Awards held in India.
Oshadha Ratnaweera, receives the award from ACEF Global Awards held in India.

Sri Lanka as a country has gone through numerous hardships from the unprecedented challenges of C-19 pandemic to macro-economic conditions, the nation has endured substantial socio-economic setbacks.

Understanding the challenges faced by low-income families, especially by the non-working women in the Colombo region, Oshada Rathnaweera, conceptualized, ‘Puraliya Waruna’, a national level grassroot initiative, designed to provide sustainable support for vulnerable communities especially the non-working women in Colombo.

‘Puraliya Waruna’ understands the difficulties faced by many families in Sri Lanka and recognises the importance of extending assistance during these challenging times. The initiative addresses the urgent needs of low-income families, particularly women who have borne the brunt of economic difficulties and job losses. The project focuses on creating sustainable income streams, which not only benefit the families but can be passed on to future generations.

Oshadha Ratnaweera, said; I am honored to have been awarded the prestigious Silver Award by ACEF Global Awards for my CSR project, ‘Puraliya Waruna.’ It is particularly gratifying to know that our project stood out among global candidates, reaffirming the significance of our efforts in addressing socio-economic challenges at a global level. It is a project that is very close to my heart as it recognizes our efforts in empowering non-working women during these economically challenging times”.

The initial phase of the project involved identifying the most deserving women in Colombo, under the scrutiny of the Colombo Municipal Council. Rather than simply donating sewing machines,’Puraliya Waruna’ took a comprehensive approach by offering a sewing machine workshop programme. This ensured that the women not only received the necessary equipment but also acquired the skills to utilize them effectively.

To facilitate the sale of their garments, ‘Puraliya Waruna’ forged partnerships with medium and large-scale garment shop owners. By creating a network for these women to work with multiple businesses, the project enabled them to secure orders at local and export levels. This holistic approach resulted in the creation of an end-to-end ecosystem that generated a steady income for low-income families within a span of fewer than five months. The project instilled confidence, financial stability and recognition for these women, even in a time when the economy was reeling, and jobs were being lost.

The impact of ‘Puraliya Waruna’ extends beyond individual families. By integrating skilled women into the workforce, the initiative has contributed significantly to the Sri Lankan economy, particularly the export apparel industry, uplifting the country’s workforce and generating foreign remittances.


Thursday, June 22, 2023 – 01:00

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