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Re-appointment of OIC opposed

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The aggrieved party in the case related to the death of a housemaid allegedly while being under the custody of the Welikada Police, informed the Colombo Additional Magistrate Harshana Kekulawala yesterday that the re-appointment of the person who acted as the OIC of the Welikada Police at the time of the incident to the same Police station may affect the evidence related to the case.

The maid was working at the home of Sudharma Nethikumara, a teledrama producer at the time of the incident and she was taken into custody by the Police for an alleged theft.

The lawyers informed the court about this when the case was called again yesterday (11) to conduct an identification parade related to the incident.

The prison authorities had presented the two suspect police sergeants and a Police constable to the Court.

Approximately 24 officers of the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) also appeared before the Court for the identification parade, and considering the objection brought by the defence regarding the parade due to differences in dress and age between the three suspects, the Magistrate ordered to adjourn the identification parade to September 18.

Sudharma Nethikumara, a driver and a maid also appeared before the Court as witnesses.

The Magistrate informed that a complaint should be made to the relevant institutions about the aggrieved party’s concerns regarding the appointment of the Welikada Police OIC.

After considering the relevant matters, the Magistrate ordered the suspect police officers be further remanded until September 18.

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