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Releasing new music this summer

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“After enjoying the stillness, now all the activity begins again,” Shakira told the publication, referring to the coronavirus pandemic. “I feel very energetic, eager to work, and very inspired. I’m on full throttle, doing a lot of songs. I’m in the process of mixing that song that’s coming out in July. I just finished filming the video, and these days I am dedicated to editing it, finishing mixing the song and preparing it to be released in July,” she explained.

Shakira’s music streaming skyrocketed before the lockdown when in 2020, she and Jennifer Lopez wowed the world during the presentation on the halftime show of the Super Bowl. According to the singer, the opportunity was crucial to represent the Latinx community. “From a sociopolitical point of view, it was a very important moment for Latinos, for Latinas, for women my age,” she said.

“It was an important statement, and we wanted — both Jennifer Lopez and me — to leave Hispanics in a place of respect and admiration at a global level, and I think that we more than achieved that,” she says.

For Shakira, who has Colombian and Arab ancestry, her culture is her best tool for writing songs. “They are apparently distant, but they are deeply rooted in the Colombian Caribbean with the migration of Arab countries, especially Lebanon and Syria. It was a massive migration. Pop Sugar

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